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Summer just around the corner: how to best prepare!

Summer just around the corner: how to best prepare!

June: we are officially in summer! Longer days, higher temperatures, and more and more sunshine. What a beauty summer is! Some people have already been planning their summer holidays for months and some have yet to plan them; some have already pulled out the fan and some have not. And what are you doing? Don't be unprepared for the arrival of the beautiful season!

 Summer: all about style

The time when you see people in sweaters walking next to people in tank tops on the street is now over. The time has come when the streets are bursting with color; not only because of flowers, but also because in summer we hardly wear black or dark colors, but we see more and more colorful patterns and clothes in bright colors. There seem to be 14 trends this year, and among them we particularly appreciate pleated skirts, transparent and semi-transparent fabrics, crop tops, and white dresses.

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 The lightness of summer

Most of the time, summer is associated with the sea and the swimming pool, which are in turn linked to relax, fun and sunshine. What better way to have fun by the sea? Inflatables! Whether they are mats to relax by floating on the water, swim rings, or balls for play on the shore, inflatables are a must in our summer holidays. Which one do you prefer? Discover the most beautiful ones on WowPorium.

 Summer: protect yourself from the sun

However, summer is not only about the sea, but there are also those who love and decide to spend it in the mountains. Wherever you decide to spend your holidays, whether at the beach or in the mountains, one thing must always be present in your bag: sunglasses. When we talk about protecting ourselves from the sun, we think first of all about the skin, and it is absolutely right. The sun, in fact, even in the mountains can be dangerous for the skin; even if we don’t immediately realize it (which is perhaps why it's more dangerous) we often get sunburned. So, it’s better to always take a sunscreen. But, by now, everyone knows that direct sun hurts our skin, less known is how much the sun hurts our eyes. A study published in Time talks about these damages, and in the face of this evidence our advice is to always use sunglasses during the day, even from 9 a.m. onwards. The advantage? In addition to being a useful accessory for our health, sunglasses are also an accessory to complete our look.

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 The best time to be a child

We adults certainly love summer, after a year of work finally comes a nice relaxing time. But no one loves summer more than children and teens; they leave the school year behind, especially the most stressful last school period due tests and quizzes. Kids have been thinking about it for months and finally here it is! Summer is a time for them to relax, have fun and the best time of the year to play with friends. Even the little ones love the inflatables that we have previously mentioned, but not only those; there are many games to entertain children at the sea or in the mountains: from floats to remote-controlled games or even the more educational ones. Discover the best games for kids on WowPorium, your children will be overjoyed!

 Whether you go on vacation to the mountains or to the sea, these tips will be with you throughout the summer. Now all that remains is to enjoy your holidays!

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Maria Schembri

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