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Summer home décor is here

Summer home décor is here

Summer is all here with its high temperatures as well as also with time for vacations and some home decorations accordingly. Mostly summer home décor has its look with light in colors and catchy as well. As in winters, it is warm and dark, but in summers the fabric is also light and cozy.

There might be a chance that you go white in terms of paint the walls with a little texture design for a cool look as weather also suits light colors in summers.

Bedroom ideas

Be your bedroom a humane place where you can chill and keep it a little cozy in terms of decorations by giving it an empty look like too many things in the room creates warmness. In this case, plants can play a role by cooling down things. As we have some collections on Wowporium

  • Linen would be perfect

Linen fibers are the most used fiber during summers and it’s the best in terms of coolness and softness and best for the bedroom stuff. It is luxurious and easy to use and easy to wash.

  • Nice curtains will play the role

This summer let it be light color curtains as they keep it cool and amazing. It can be of linen and should be little grey or sky blue or completely white.

  • Mirror size

The size of the mirror matters as a large mirror is preferred and also some more natural light to the room and room will look little bigger. A standing mirror with a dressing table would also be fine in the place.

Bathroom decors 

  • Towels

Towel fabric with easy dry is perfect for summer as they are light as the same you see in the spa it is really important to be in a light mood with the fabric on there.

  • Shower curtain

The light color shower curtain should be there as the dark color looks heavier. A white textured curtain will be suitable.

  • Linen robe

A linen bathrobe is preferred as with the curtains we are using all light fabrics as in here linen will keep you cool and increase the coolness.


We have all for you and for your home summer décor with amazing collections exclusively on Wowporium

Mayank Saini

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