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How to make your office feel more like home

How to make your office feel more like home

"Make yourself at home", "Ah, I feel like home" ... how many times have we heard it said? How many times do we wish it were like this? Often, however, when we think about work, we perceive it as the antagonist of the house. Cats and mice, good and evil, home and work: two things that must be separated.

The pandemic has changed a lot of things, including the boundaries between home and office. After experiencing work from home, there are those who can’t wait to go back to the office and those who just don't want to go back.

But one thing that is certain; whether you want it or not, even if partially, you must go back to the office.

How to make going back to the office sweeter? Here are some tips!


Not everyone knows that light in the workspace affects our ability to work. In fact, it has effects on mood, energy and productivity.

A dim light is definitely warmer and favors a more relaxed mood, but a light too dim makes you feel more tired and lazy. On the contrary, bright light increases energy, but an environment too bright strains the eyes and makes it difficult to reconcile rest, altering the natural circadian rhythms. The perfect light is a compromise halfway between a dim light and a bright light; to understand which is the best light you have to evaluate many factors. Find out more: Office Lighting: Everything You Need To Know For Your Office Space.

On WowPorium you can find a wide range of lamps for your office, choose the one that best suits your needs!


When you think about office furniture, you take a desk and a chair for granted, but actually furniture in an office is very important and you have to take into account some aspects: safety, efficiency, image and comfort.

Obviously, the first thing you have to think about is safety, then, a good and beautiful furniture makes the work environment pleasant, which leads to greater efficiency.

Probably, changing chairs and desks is a bit too much. But you can take small tricks to make your desk more comfortable. Where to look for comfort and beauty? On WowPorium you will find many objects that will make your work easier. The options are different: special penholders, keyboard or pencil for your tablet, mouse pads, cable organizers, a relay to hold tablets and phones, a mobile phone charging hanging holder and many other items!

Extension of your personality.

Did you know your desk says a lot about you? In fact, it is said that the workspace is an extension of your personality. Beyond order or disorder, the decoration of your office is also really important. Decorate it with the colors you like the most, with objects that are not only useful to you, but also that you enjoy looking at or having around. What could be nicer than looking around and feeling a deep sense of well-being?               

Car lover? Why not put a picture of a beautiful car? Are you a traveler? Hang a map! Do you like green? Decorate your wall with plants, or if you don't have the patience to take care of them, try with fake plants. Do you like cats or/and dogs? Add models to your desk! Is it winter and you love hot drinks? Bring some coasters.

On WowPorium you will find many decorations for your office, even objects that reflect your hobbies!

In short, there are many ideas to make your office more welcoming and comfortable. Don't forget to spread smells you like in the air; it helps both to relax and to increase concentration. In addition, the clock and the calendar are fundamental in the office: punctuality is essential and respecting appointments even more! By applying some or all these tips, returning to the office will be more enjoyable and you will have less homesickness.

In addition, on WowPorium you can find many other ideas and quality items that meet your needs and that reflect your "office like home".


Maria Schembri

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