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How to make your home smarter

How to make your home smarter

Nowadays we hear more and more about smart home, what is it about? Products that can be connected to your smartphone and to the Internet make your home “smart”. The internet allows you to do anything, even control devices.

What are the benefits?

- Easy access to devices

- Better cost optimization

There are more and more "smart" devices; the best known is the "smart TV", but now you can also connect to the web coffee makers, refrigerators, intercoms, household appliances in general.

What do you need to have a smart home? It is essential to have a stable internet connection, available in every corner of the house, to which all devices can be connected.

So, how can I make my home smarter?

1. Lighting

Smart lighting could be one of the first things you can add to your home. The devices are affordable, and installation is very simple.

Smart bulbs, as already mentioned, connect to Wi-Fi, and can be managed remotely with an app or with voice assistants.

What are the benefits?

  • Energy saving thanks to LED technology, that is an easy way to consume less energy; read more about how LED technology is different from the others!
  • Energy saving (again!) due to the ability to adjust the intensity and program the operation: imagine being able to turn off the lights from anywhere!
  • With devices that have voice assistance, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, it is also possible to turn the light bulb on and off with your voice, without taking out your smartphone. It’s just a simple command!

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2. Video Surveillance System

This category includes indoor or outdoor surveillance cameras, sensors for opening windows and doors, locks, sirens, all “smart”. These products allow you to customize your surveillance system. One thing to consider, for these products, is the presence of cloud data, which allows you to store the images to be able to watch them later, but which also gives the possibility to watch them in real time remotely.

The advantages:

- check the access and exit times of a domestic worker,

- check your dog's behavior,

- check that their children have returned from school on time,

- suspicious movements or entries.

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3. Thermostat or thermostatic valves

There are different types of heating: central heating and independent heating. The smart products for heating are: the thermostat or thermostatic valves.

If you have independent heating, the best product for you is a thermostat.

If you have central heating, instead, it may not be possible to make the system smart (for example if it is underfloor or has electric radiators); it’s possible when it uses hot water radiators: in this case, the best smart products are thermostatic valves.


- Save money with home heating programs tailored to your needs.

- Saving money (again!) thanks to the possibility of regulating the heating even remotely.

- Some products have a function that integrates the external weather forecast with the thermal characteristics inside your home, to always offer an ideal temperature inside the house.

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4. Virtual Assistants

It might be interesting in a smart home to have smart speakers with a virtual assistant. The virtual assistant allows you to use the previously listed devices with voice commands. It can really become an integral part for the home: you can ask it anything, curiosities, how is the weather today, etc.. But also ask it to do things: turn on the light, start the coffee machine, activate the camera, turn up or down the heating, put on the music... the possibilities are really endless

There are many possibilities to make your home smart: blinds (which you can open and close remotely), vacuum cleaners (which you can already put into action when you are away from home, to find a clean house when you return), sink mixers (opening and closing the tap while washing dishes has never been easier!), or even the scale that can be connected to your smartphone.


Start making your home smart right away, it is an opportunity for you in terms of time and for you and for the environment in terms of consumption. Find all smart accessories on WowPorium and keep following us for more tips!

Maria Schembri

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