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S.O.S. It's time to go back to the desk

S.O.S. It's time to go back to the desk

September is just around the corner and for everyone, young and old, it is synonymous with "back to school” after the summer period. But it is not only valid for children; more than "back to school" we can talk about "back to desk": after the summer holidays, also for adults it is time to go back to work!

It is the period where melancholy mixes with joy and frenzy: melancholy for the summer just left behind, the sea, the sun, the relaxation, the excursions, and vacations in general; the joy and frenzy of a new beginning. Almost like New Year's Eve, it’s the time for good resolutions, new challenges; it's time to start again!

"In September we'll talk about it" how many times have you said that this summer? Well, now it's time to talk about it: don't get anxious and read our tips to get you off to a good start!

Back to work

Returning to work after at least two weeks of vacation is always a bit traumatic. To get started, you can follow our tips on how to make your office feel more like home.

 Our advice to avoid being overwhelmed by stress upon returning, is to get used to it gradually; do not make an abrupt return, but start gradually with the resumption of habits and routine. Don't give up on being outdoors, but always get some sun; an idea could be to take a lunch break in the open air. Don’t forget to take some time to relax even if you go back to work; remember that the weekend is made for rest! Dedicate it to relaxation and activities with friends and family; it will be like taking small, short holidays to recharge your batteries and get the new working week off to a good start.

Finally, don't forget that your workplace is still "your place"; customize it as you like, make it yours with objects that more reflect your personality. Remember, they must be also useful and comfortable. You will see that the return will not be so "overwhelming"!

Back to school 

Precisely for the little ones, this period is one of the most important times of the year. If it is a bit traumatic for those who work to return after two weeks off, think about the kids who return to school after months of vacation: sea, mountain, relaxation and playing with friends. But if on the one hand the return is anxious and is abrupt, on the other hand kids can't wait to go back to school. To get ready with the new backpack, notebook, clothes ... the diary! The moment in which they choose a diary is one of the most important, they think about it a lot before; they entrust their entire school year to the diary!

To make going back to school less traumatic for kids, it's best to start resuming school habits. An idea could be to start over with educational books, to have fun and learn at the same time. And, as for adults, even for the little ones the weekend is a time to relax; to rest, to be with family and friends, to go on outings activities, but also the time to play and have fun.

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What to say? Just a few days and it starts! Do not be caught unprepared by September frenzy; follow our advice and live this magical time of the year to the fullest, almost as if it were a holiday. Whether for work or school, every new beginning always has a charm, a charm that overcomes the fear of the unknown.

On WowPorium you will find everything you need and all the tips to get through each period in the best possible way. Keep following us!

Maria Schembri

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