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How to choose the perfect Christmas gift

How to choose the perfect Christmas gift

Michael Bublé's songs playing in the air can only mean one thing: Christmas is coming!

And, as Christmas approaches, a thought makes its way into our mind, until it becomes naggy: "What do I give to mom / dad / brother / sister / cousin / nephew / uncle / grandmother for Christmas?"

Now comes the drama, at Christmas there are two types of people: those who give away socks, pajamas, shower gel sets and those who receive them. This article wants to help both by giving advice on how to choose the perfect Christmas gift.

Here are some ideas!


In a world that is getting closer and closer to the green, who has never thought about taking care of a plant? And during the lockdown this passion exploded. Before the main target of florists and nurseries were middle-aged women who love to decorate their living rooms, which is still definitely a valid audience. Actually, a new target has been added: young people. The love for gardening by young people, by the way, seems to be a lasting passion and persists even beyond the lockdown.

If you know that your grandson is passionate about plants, you can find a lot of gardening gift ideas on WowPorium! Instead, if he does not yet have gardening passion, you can give him something to start with ... who knows, maybe the spark will go off!


Social are invaded by baked goods, cakes, biscuits, muffins and so on and so forth; the pandemic has made everyone discover hobbies they would never have thought of before. Practically, Covid has changed cooking habits. If before you didn't have much time to cook due to stressful hours and work, staying at home allowed you to rediscover the beauty of cooking. Even the little ones got their hands dirty with flour and started kneading. So, what better gift for those who have made cooking a passion? Kitchen accessories! Today there are all kinds of them, even things you thought you didn't need but that you cannot live without. For example, food-cover umbrella, onion cutter, egg shovel, shrimp cleaner, these are just some of the gift ideas you can find on WowPorium.


Pandemic has also changed our work habits as well. Some returned to the office and others brought the office home. Well yes, remote working has proved to be an extraordinary tool for some fields, and it seems that for some it will remain permanent, even beyond the pandemic. So, why not help those who still work from home to carve out their own personalized space, their own office in the home environment. Discover the products that would make an office special on WowPorium.


For the little ones, generally, finding gifts is easier. Toys are a safe bet. But which games should you choose?

- creative toys, which stimulate children's imagination, such as sets for creating jewels, kaleidoscope, building blocks and coloring books.

- educational games, which stimulate children's mind and help them to learn new things, notebooks to improve calligraphy, puzzles, memory games, wooden games to learn alphabet and numbers.

- games to have fun together; what’s more beautiful than sharing? So here are the remote-control cars and tracks, barbies, chess, tic-tac-toe or even the classic ball!

- finally, even if unconsciously, children also suffer from stressful situations and the pandemic has put them to the test, but even in this case we can meet them with beautiful colorful anti-stress toys.

On WowPorium, you will find the right gift for your needs!


A fashion lover cannot be missing in a family. The one who is always well dressed, who can give you the right advice (or the right criticism, depending on your point of view). If finding a gift for the fashion guru has always been a hard and difficult choice, then you are in the right article. We recommend looking at WowPorium, you will find only item of the moment, which cannot fail to like. The true fashionist will appreciate any gift that comes from here and, if she already has it, she will know how to reuse it in a divine way.


Well, if you've made it this far, we hope we've helped you in some way.

Make a gesture of solidarity this year, spare the poor unfortunate relative the usual gifts that he will probably pass on to someone else next year.

Rather, choose something original and surprise him, you will both benefit. After all, the beauty of exchanging gifts is to make the other happy.

On WowPorium you will find a wide range of products, for people of all types and all ages. Find the perfect gift!


Maria Schembri

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